Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh my gosh, so much to tell you about.

First and most importantly I will be working with Leigh from The Needle Bug at Callaway's School of Needlework.  Leigh is hosting the Boutique during the 2 sessions of classes at Callaway Gardens.  Leigh has arranged a great line-up for all the days of classes.  The most fun part is that I will get to put my 'retail' hat on for the first time in 3 years.  You don't have to be taking classes to come see us or to come shop.  the Boutique and book store will be open to the public and we would love to se everyone there.  If you need more info please contact Leigh @ The Needle Bug, www.theneedlebug.com.

Take a look below:

Callaway is just a month away and want to send a little preview of what will be happening at there!!!  Mark your calendar to definitely come see the exhibit, visit The Bug and participate in other Callaway activities!

A couple things to mention:

The Bug will be open at Callaway:

January 13-21 9:30 until 5:00pm

January 13-22 Meet Julia Key Snyder

January 13 Bug Meet, Greet & Stitch

January 15 Merchandise Night 7pm

January 16 Movie night bug stitch in 7pm

January 18 **Carole Lake & Michael Boren

January 18 Bug Meet, Greet & Stitch                        Session II 7pm

January 19 Bug Meet Marie Barber of                       COLORS OF PRAISE 10-3pm

January 20 Merchandise Night 7pm

January 21 Movie night Bug Stitch In 7pm

January 22 9:30 until 2:00pm

Another thing that is very exciting for the needlepoint world is that when we go to market in Feb 2013 we will be showing all brand new designs.  There will be over 75 new designs.  I am keeping a notebook next to the bed so when I wake up with another new idea I can write it down.  So that is keeping me really busy.

Also, I am in the process of designing the stitch guides and stitching the Cross Club pieces for The Needle Bug.  This club is to begin in March 2013.  All of the crosses have been designed by different artists.  Labors of Love, & more, Birds of a Feather, Raymond Crawford, and Kirk and Hamilton to name a few.

Lastly, Bonnie and I are designing and stitching the 'Cluck of the Month Club" for Needlepoint This.  Raymond Crawford has designed the most fun chickens.  They are all named for your favorite chicken dishes.  My thought in finishing the chickens would be to finish them with hard backs all connected on a large stiff ribbon.  Then tied around a fabulous basket.

So, needless to say the paint and needles are flying here in Dallas.

Happy Stitching,

Book 8 is done!

Well, I just sent book #8 to the printers.  Can't believe that the first book, Amazing Stitches, has led to a series of 8 books on needlepoint. All of my books are different and are on different topics.  For those who don't know here is a list of all my books.
Amazing Stitches
Backgrounds and Such
Categories for Needlepoint
Darn Fillings
Everything Blackwork is New Again
First Stitch First
#8 (title to be released in Feb. 2013)
Have Stitch Will Travel

As you may have noticed, I am going down the alphabet.  Who knows what the 'I' book will bring.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Lesson Learned!

So it has been 1 week since I began this blog.  Still love the idea!  This past week I have been painting lots of canvases getting orders ready and getting new designs for market in Feb. 2013.  Can't wait for market!

Wait, I got side tracked!

Several weeks ago I ran into a friend from high school who stitches.  She came to one of my classes that I hold weekly at Needlepoint This here in Dallas.  It was fun to see her, had been a very long time.  Anyway, she has started needlepointing and needed some guidance.  Well, fast forward a few weeks and she brought the piece in this week with her initials that she had put on the canvas herself.  I had told her how to do it but she did not have the correct pen.  So when she came to see me it was rubbing off on me and everything else.  What a mess!

So after long discussions we worked out a plan of how she might save this canvas.  I have to say that she always had a positive outlook, I had my doubts.  Wish all my customers would or could have the same outlook.  Anyway, she sent me pictures of the piece as she was working on it.  Could not believe it all came out. As she blotted the front to remove the ink the back was acting like a wick and soaking up all the ink.  Back was a bigger mess than the front.

Bless her heart, she worked and worked on it and got it all out!  She told me that she lives by OxyClean!  That and a small sponge is how it all came out.  So the most important lesson to be learned is to make sure that you use an Ultra Fine Sharpe or acrylic paint when designing or changes a canvas.

Happy Stitching & Have Stitch Will Travel!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Welcome to the first posting of Have Stitch Will Travel, the blog.  My hope is that you will find all kinds of great needlepoint information as well as ideas for finishing.

I was teaching in Montgomery for The Needle Bug last week and we had the best idea for a gift for the guy in your life.  We needed a gift for a new husband who loves to go duck hunting.  So between myself and the precious bride to be, we came up with this idea.  Take a belt canvas and stitch is as usual.  Remember not to stitch with very bright colors.  Then you will use the Binding stitch to attach the 2 long sides together.  Next you are ready to send it to your favorite local needlepoint store and have their belt finisher connect the 2 ends with leather and add a clip on the end to attach the duck caller.  We also thought of putting welting in the center as you connect the 2 sides to give it some substance.  Basically you have made a lanyard for your duck caller or scope.

Another great other use for a belt canvas!